What people say about start.me

"Everything you need all in one place you'll never forget. It helps me manage my time. I'm more organized thanks to start.me."

Nanette Brown

Fitness Instructor

"It is an excellent platform for storing all of our  documents. It is a great and easy-to-use platform that is very helpful for team members."


Business Development Manager

"Our employees can now easily navigate to Information and Forms, Google Apps Learning Center, Places to Go, etc."

Carrie Fleischman

Information Technology Director

"We have a clear starting point for our students and teachers. Never before has it been so easy to create a customized homepage per class!"

Peter Riet

Serve It  B.V.

"I use Start.me because I want a quick, easy and visually effective way to plan. I get to what I want right away. Simple can be best."

Peter Leech

Home Educator

"Easy access to the most important websites, so you do not waste your time. Everything is simple to learn and use."

Joshua R.

Analysis Programmer