Offer a branded start portal to your users

Monetization solution for Web portals, Browser builders and Telco's's innovative start page can now be offered as a White Label Product to end users of browsers, telecom companies and web portals.

How it works

Earn money and offer a great service to your users at the same time
Branded Start Portal

Our partners can offer a free startpage under their own brand and domain name.

Personalization for end-users

Your users will receive access to an innovative start page that they can fully personalize.

Revenue share

We share the revenue (from ads, search and premium subscriptions) with our partners.

For who

Our White Label Start Portal is a great fit for Web Browsers & Portal websites
Web browsers

Earn money by integrating as the default start page in your browser.

Portal websites

Integrate a customizable startpage section to your existing web portal.

Telecom & Cable companies

Help your connected users get started on the web with a personalized home page.

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