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With, we have a clear starting point for our students and teachers. A nice start page on which all methods and interesting links can be found quickly. Never before has it been so easy to create a customized homepage per class!

Peter Riet
Serve It  B.V.

The beauty about your dashboard is that it looks like a website with tabs. So, to me it’s easy to organize because you understand from a webpage how it’s organized. Those three main things make my life easier. Pages, Widgets, Bookmarks. I’m happier because of It’s brilliant!

Sam Pennington

I have searched for a simple piece of software that will do a core task - organizing resources that need prioritizing and creating. To keep on top of this I use because I want a quick, easy and visually effective way to plan this. means I get to what I want right away. Simple can be best.

Peter Leech
Home Educator